We believe that you don’t have to choose between luxury on the one hand and ethics and values on the other.  We care about who creates our products and how they are created.

We work with family owned small tallers (manufactures) in Spain (and in some cases in Portugal) to create and hand finish our products.

We care that those who work on our products earn a fair wage and are treated with respect and dignity. This is our way to build long term relationships with our community; we ensure that we know the faces of the people that create our brand and care for their welfare. In return, they care for our brand and customers.

We maintain our high quality by using specialized ateliers. We also pride ourselves that all of our fabrics use natural fibre content, and we continue to look for as many sustainable materials as possible.

But that is not all, we keep our carbon footprint to a minimum by maximizing the part of the process of manufacturing and warehousing in Spain and buying our fabrics exclusively from neighbouring Italy.

We want people to be able to buy luxury that is surrounded by ethics and values.



There has never been a better time for women to take their natural place in leading the world; to embrace and be proud of being simultaneously women and professionals, playing multiple roles: a full career, family life, world travels, responsibilities in their community….

We know well that your career and success didn’t come through luck or favors, just hard work and time. That your home is a sacred space filled with things that matter—pieces carefully selected for their memories and sentimental value. That you appreciate quality over material values, that you want pieces well made and that will last, that you care about your community and the environment….

BYLUMA was born to offer you the wardrobe that serves all these aspects of your life. Fresh and contemporary designs made from the highest quality fabrics and exquisite craftsmanship, in factories that respect their employees rights, the environment…

BYLUMA’s pieces are not meant to overshadow, rather complement your presence and more importantly witness you leave your mark on the world, as a woman and a professional.

Luma Saqqaf, Founder & Creative Director

Watch a Glimpse of our SS19 in the Making

Luma Saqqaf, CEO & Creative Director

A finance lawyer who practiced across the globe for more than 20 years, Luma knows the challenges of a career woman juggling family and a social life all too well. And finding the right fashion didn’t come easy either.

What Luma desired most was a wardrobe as versatile as her own lifestyle: professional and elegant, full of ease and undeniably now. A closet of effortless styles that could navigate her corporate and social world in equal turn, enhance her confidence and also last.

Now that she in involved in the retail and fashion world, she can create exactly the kind of clothes she always dreamed of, for exactly the kind of woman she knows only too well.